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"I am here to help." - Jeffrey Ochs

My Mission: I INCLUSIVELY empower the Steel Mace community.

Connection. Empowerment. Completeness. Getting unstuck. These are the targets of my coaching process.

Whether you are getting started with the Steel Mace, an experienced practitioner or someone who wants to work on new ways of thinking, being and creating what you want out of life, I can help.

As a Steel Mace Flow coach I will help you use the Steel Mace to unlock your inner strength, agility and empowerment. Having extensively trained as a Steel Mace Flow Lvl 1 Honors coach and Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist, I will coach you from establishing powerful foundations to creating an attainable flow state in which you can express yourself and grow.

My coaching process does not stop there. As a graduate of The Strong Coach, a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University and an experienced Crisis Counselor, I will help you establish strong self talk, find ways to tear down old road blocks and to get out of your own way. Together, using a tried and true visioning process, we will set and crush new goals that will level up you and your experience in this life.